A new dating relationship

“I’ve never been in this situation, but I think if I were dating someone who was as into social media as me and they didn’t rabidly consume all of my content, I would definitely be pissed,” said Molly in New York.

Most partners will begin watching each other’s Stories in the courtship phase of the relationship.

Declaring your relationship on Facebook used to be enough to solidify your online bond with a partner. Now, couples are forced to navigate the murky waters of Twitter faves, Snapchat streaks, twinstagramming, subgramming, going Instagram official, and more.

Instagram even recently rolled out statuses via Instagram Direct, so you can also see exactly when your partner last opened the app.But writing off the subtle implications of certain user behavior ignores the weight those actions carry for a growing number of people.For most people, watching their partner’s Instagram Story is a way to show they care.“Consuming someone’s content is absolutely an important part of flirting nowadays, and especially during the beginning stages,” said Levinson, now deputy editor of Mel magazine.

“It’s how you signal you’re interested in someone, that you care what they have to say, that you’re curious what they’re up to moment to moment.

“A guy I’ve been off and on with forever never watches my Snapchat or Insta Stories unless we’re ‘talking’ again,” said Haley in Washington, D. “It’s become this signifier that he’s about to reach out if he starts watching my stuff, and I’ve found myself doing the same kind of thing.”Some men and women said they knew their relationship was doomed when their partner stopped watching their Stories.



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