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His penis was still erect as he lay there, his chest still heaving as he recovered from his 'self induced orgasm'. I intended to remove his hand from my breast, but I didn't. I could not seem to muster the strength to actually pull his hand from my breast; the contact was simply too pleasurable. God forgive me, I needed my stepson's touch at that moment. In a strange way, I felt like I was not even in control of my own body; I felt like I was outside watching this surreal situation unfold.


I knew I shouldn't be allowing any of this, but God help me, I felt powerless to resist. His fingers moved from my clitoris to my vaginal opening, and he inserted two fingers inside of me.After several minutes of taking me to the brink, Bryan suddenly withdrew his fingers from my pussy, and stood up. Despite the fact that Bryan was no longer touching me, I continued rocking my hips involuntarily, humping against the air in frustrated arousal as I could feel my juices leaking out of me. Bryan climbed forward, and took the pillow from my clutches, tossing it aside. He parted my lips with his tongue, and I opened my mouth to accept his probing tongue as I felt his erection pressing firmly against my vulva.I had been on the verge of a massive climax, just moments away from cumming violently with Bryan's fingers inside me. He leaned towards me, and he kissed me deeply and passionately, exploring my mouth with his tongue. I will never forget that kiss, and the intimacy surrounding it.I had not actually engaged in sexual activity with my stepson. Albuquerque is still a long way off." I tried to sound normal and casual, pretending nothing had changed between us as I released his rigid cock. Bryan moved in to spoon me, draping his arm around me. Bryan's hand slowly, tentatively slid down the side of my breast on top of my cotton t-shirt, and found my very erect nipple.

I had watched him jack off, and the sight had aroused me more than I can describe; but I had not lost my soul, yet. I climbed into the other bed and turned off the lights. He pulled me close; I could feel his penis begin to throb to life against my bare backside. Bryan moved his hand down my shoulders and arm, massaging and rubbing my arm and shoulder, slowly encroaching on the side of my breasts. He began to fondle my nipple through the cotton material as I tried to stifle my moan.Bryan slowly started to move his hand away from my breast, sliding his hand down my flat, tight stomach. I felt that I was more of an observer than a participant.


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    If you see a button that says "Check for Update," that means i Tunes has not automatically found a newer version of the i OS software.

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