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The Java part would require that an Ensemble process was running somewhere on the same machine, and would connect to it via a bidirectional pipe.The student had developed a simple protocol for talking to the Ensemble engine, and extended the engine as well to talk back to Java.When the channel is closed, the stack will be destroyed, releasing its resources.and connect to it using the group name (all channels with the same name form a group). While connected, a member may send and receive messages to/from all other group members.At the time they were working on their third generation group communication prototype, called Ensemble.Ensemble followed Horus (written in C by Robbert Van Renesse), which followed ISIS (written by Ken Birman, also in C).

Thus the message is handed from protocol to protocol until the bottom (transport) protocol puts it on the network.

For me, knowing that real-life projects/products are using JGroups is much more satisfactory than having a paper accepted at a conference/journal.

At around that time (May 2000), Source Forge had just opened its site, and I decided to use it for hosting JGroups.

Therefore I started writing a simple framework (now JChannel), which would allow me to treat Ensemble as just another group communication transport, which could be replaced at any time by a pure Java solution.

And soon I found myself working on a pure Java implementation of the group communication transport.

My goal is to make JGroups the most widely used clustering software in Java …​ A node is a process, residing on some host.


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