Dating a bipolar girl


Which also confused me to the max, since I was there comforting her. That is something you will figure out for yourself. He would berate me, cut off contact, blame me and manipulate me. It was because when I give my heart to someone, I give my all. They do have so many new medications now, and being so young finding out perhaps she can get help. I've been with my husband since I was 16, and he was 17. I didn't want to get married for a long time, I was afraid.

Either way, I told her that I still want to be with her. And that she needs rest so she can work overtime tomorrow. I am not bipolar, but I was in a relationship with a bipolar man. Perhaps a different kind of relationship can work for you?

That there isn't any reason to just run from problems without trying. Do yourself a favor and don't stay in for the long haul if it doesn't feel right. I still see him occasionally, but we don't have a future and I know that. Its frightening because I've watched my father and he can be truly scary..course he also has Schizophrenia which they are sure I don't have. I think that having seen her parents struggles it makes sense that because she cares about you she doesn't want to see you go through that.

And, then included something in there where she said she doesn't want to be alone. He ruined my birthday, ruined holidays and cancelled planned events. I don't have a self esteem issue it wasn't that, that I hung around. This is what you can expect from a bipolar relationship. I'm sure she herself has dealt with pain and suffering because of her father's illness.

If you're serious about her, then get to know the background and the details about the disorder and be as supportive and understanding as possible. My father is bipolar 1 very severe and untreated most of life. However people with mental conditions medicated and or receiving treatment are usually perfectly fine .

I have PTSD and have received a lot of treatment and Im perfectly fine to live with and have been married almost 24 years .

Everyone puts their best foot forward when first dating.

It was a pretty miserable one after a while and was glad when it ended finally after almost 4 years. Before I dated Jenna, I dated a girl we'll call Sasha. Maybe I thought Sasha really wasn't interested anymore and was making up excuses. I was feeling a bit better after two days rest, so I said why not.


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