Dating a franklin sewing machine


The one above in New York had its own river tributary to bring the wood for the cabinets directly to the cabinet works at the rear of the factory.The factories were on five or six floors and the huge chimneys belched out smoke all day from the furnaces below.You could look at a sewing machine of the 1940's and see the Domestic Sewing Machine of the 1880's.The New Domestic Sewing Machine Factory New York with many thanks to Karen Moore for supplying it.The impressive central offices of the Domestic Sewing Machine Company, New York. The Head Office of the Domestic Sewing Machine Co was also in Newark, New Jersey, along with their main factory. A Davies came into the business around 1869 and was tasked with improving models and machinery.His expertise came from the arms business where mass-production was streaking ahead.



By 1872 they were manufacturing nearly 50,000 machines a year, each one built by hand. Just imagine a factory capable of hand building and assembling 1,000 sewing machines every few days. Stop for a second and imagine making that many machines and all the pieces, each machine unique and each machine painstakingly built from scratch. Profits must have been good and larger premises were purchased. The company prospered for decades until finally disappearing during the Depression Era of the 1930's.

By 1924 the White Sewing Machine Company acquired the Domestic Sewing Machine Co and incorporated many of their premises, factories and equipment into White's.

By the 1930's production slowed down considerably and from then until 1950 they were simply badge sold machines under White's (but green machines).

Starting with numbers such as the Domestic Sewing Machine No 1, 2, 3 they then moved to letters model A, B, C and so on and lastly to names.

All of their machines look pretty standard, there were no unusual designs or shapes.There were soon dozens of Domestic Sewing Machine models from basic Grover & Baker and New Home copies to Singer New Family copies.


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