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COUNTY X Treiisury to pay I'll t'ounly Orders presented prior lo Auttust :il, lss2. on S:il- urilay, May Kith, al two t, m., to listen to address of tnn Orcitnn Slate Lecturer, to he tilen on that occasion, and if thouttlit ad visable, oiitaule l tie I latsop tlraii Ke.s, tf Bids VILI, UK li KOHIYKIIHYTIIH CNOKIt-.sluned, until Saturday noon, Mav I'.ith, fnrnilini; Willi enrlli the liasouicnt of Ilic Odd Kcllows Hull. The laborers and it is to be ro-memborod that thoy form the largest class in the nation havo few thoughts of joy and littlo hope of rest; it is well with them, if in a day they can obtain tan hours of the dreariest labor, if they can ro-.

to meet Willi your wives and families at the (irauiicr Hall, on Yoiuurs Itlver. IIo hardly dares to think at all, for thought suggests that to morrow a chnngo in trade or a mnstor's whim may throw him out of work, and leave him unable to puy for rent or food.

Harbours I' J-ply ; lines riht hand laid, llnoys made of einht corks. rsoi ivss man ,i Ar.i to oo laaeu ov any one person.

or-J lire of tiie Clerk ol' Schonl imtrlet No. Clatsop eounty, (irepm, until Tuesday, May i t, ish:i, at noon, lor bonds oi saiti oisii ici, amount Uik lo Si'i. Said bonds will be in leuomtnallous of one thousand dollars each, run for ten years, interest thereon to be paid annually upon presentation of Interest tupoii. Th-brother dying the other day, confessed his guilt and gavo unmistakable proof nf tho truth of his A...: 'in "uuio iiuii, i no governor on learning tho facts, at onco issued a pardon to bi.emore.



0 A blaek and white spotted Cow, Mack head ami Muck line down her back. ih-ir Tntilo Artlnn fit thtt li Kfillrtr Knt, lt a- liur Mttiata nt im Klucot L t it. Holidays are out of the question, and he must soe those he loves languish without fresh air, and sometimes without the doctor's care, though air and care bo necessities of life. 'in'j Inrrru M the Amt HDi Mnirvtfio Ih Uyly to Take on Klcth, ttnu II m iri M u nnnriilifirl, nn.t t. Pleasure for him and for his is impossible; he cannot afford to spend a sixpence on visit to the park, nor a penny on a newspaper or a book. AND DEALER IN Carpets, Oil Cloth, Wall Paper, Mirrors, Window Shades, Lace Curtains, Picture Frames and Mouldings WINDOW CORNICES AND CURTAIN POLES Complete In every branch.

NEW TO-DAY Attention Knights) f EMBERS OF ASTOR LODGE No, 0. are hereby notified that at the next regular convention ol thin Lodge, Spe dge, hpe-Afull at clal business will be considered.

at Hand Island, off (Ireat Republic, about 220 fathoms 4A-mesli net.


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