Dating underground tank


If this is a real estate transaction, under no condition purchase the house, no matter how “good the deal is” until the tank is removed and/or ground is tested by a licensed environmental company for any contamination.If the current owner does not have any paperwork on the tank, then assume such paperwork does not exist and an evaluation of the tank will be required.It should be noted that the vast majority of oil tanks in the ground are not leaking, but tanks like roofs are an expendable items and require replacement.In addition if a buyer fails to investigate a tank and later (after the purchase) finds that the tank has leaked, the cost for cleanup will be the responsibility of the new owner. To investigate for the presence of petroleum, three to four soil borings are advanced around the perimeter of the buried tank.Is it still necessary to test the soil surrounding the tank to determine whether contamination exists? If a seller provides a report from a state certified environmental company with laboratory results from a state certified laboratory stating that the soil was tested at the time the tank was taken out of service and filled with sand/gravel or foam, additional soil testing would not be necessary as long as the soil tests were acquired from the appropriate locations and analyzed for the proper laboratory analysis.To verify this answer an environmental professional should review this report to ensure it is complete and thorough.After discovery of the tank leak, a subsurface investigation (soil borings and testing) would have to be completed and contingent on the petroleum levels appropriate corrective action (i.e., cleanup/remediation) would need to be initiated to address the tank leak. Any of these physical signs is a good indication of a tank that has been removed or, there is still a tank in the ground.

The largest concerns relating to environmental issues are heating oil leaks that cause soil or groundwater contamination.Soil borings also allow you to help quantify the extent of the oil in the soil b running soil samples for independent laboratory analysis.For information can be found by clicking: Tank Testing The property I am buying has an underground heating oil tank that was decommissioned (taken out of service).Use each of their unique abilities to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles in this epic physics based adventure.


Question: My oil tank was removed and I am told that I need remediation.

If you do not have a statement that the tank did not leak than you have to answer that very important question.


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