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On top of extra-high resolution, its 98 feet of night vision range, mobile access to live and recorded video, and motion detection make Amcrest Pro HD hard to beat.Keep in mind Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor acts as a stationary camera, which means you’ll have a fixed 100-degree field of view, so if you’re looking for something with any range of motion, this is not it. That said, Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor offers excellent picture quality and long-range night vision, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor surveillance for properties of any size.That’s why I chose Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor as the top pick for an outdoor security camera.It has 1296p HD resolution, whereas most competitors max out at 1080p.We highly recommend installing a monitored security system in your home to ensure that you have someone to assist you and alert the authorities on your behalf if there’s a break-in or other type of emergency.The Nest Cam Indoor has a versatile design and integrates into the larger Nest ecosystem so you can monitor video footage alongside your thermostat and other IFTTT devices.Grainy, garbled footage defeats the purpose of capturing a would-be intruder on camera.You can’t catch the bad guy if you can’t make out what they look like.


These notifications and alerts can be particularly helpful with doorbell cameras and indoor cameras.

Keep in mind higher-resolution cameras generally cost more.

A monitored security camera system adds cameras to a professionally monitored security system.

Check out the other night vision cameras we tested in our best night vision cameras review.

The Nest Cam IQ delivers some of the sharpest security camera footage I’ve seen.

You won’t get cloud storage capability, but you can access live video and download local recordings to the micro SD card.


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