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Yet she is too embarrassed, afraid and ashamed to tell anyone, let alone go to the police.

Betty says people will simply put it down to her being too drunk, but with her description of the blackouts, the lack of hangover the following morning and the feeling of being unable to talk or move her arms, is exactly in line with what my friend experienced in Europe, where a doctor had confirmed date-rape drugs had been planted in her drink.

also the possibility that the bartenders are involved is highly likely with a figure of 43%.

if what you say is correct, that 43% of drinks in australian bars are spiked, then that means that this is planned with multiple players involved.

its possible that even the bartenders are cooperating.

i was out with a friend once who fell down and cut her head open and started bleeding.

"Doctors carrying out the latest study at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital said it was far more likely women were claiming their drinks had been spiked as an 'excuse' for binge-drinking". - Samantha Brett - More ASK SAM here What should Betty do?I had a beer next to me on the table when a strange guy came and stole it and walked away drinking it.The man next to me noticed immediately and told me to get a glass, so I did and he poured me a beer from his jug.She should at least report the incident -were there cameras at the venue? Come on people, we need to be smart about these things happening..!!

...unless you get absolutely wasted and have no control over what you're doing......(head shake, head shake) Cops never do anything about these sorts of situations unless they have evidence. How bad does a situation have to get for someone, whether victim or witness has to do something?? NEVER leave your drink unattended and always cover it with your hand if you're looking away.

i can't remember the name of that kind of doctor but they work for the police.


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