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Many stars left our television screens once their shows ended.

Some went to college, some changed work industries, and some attempted to continue their careers with minimal success. She may be harder to remember because she was written out of the show after season one and replaced by Lola, played by Victoria Justice. The mischievous red-head was always butting heads with his sister and looking for creative ways to make money..

The laughs, gags, and cheesy moments seemed like they would never end.

Many of these shows made a lasting impact on people, and they can fondly look back on their favorite childhood show. Child stars have a habit of being famous young, but losing that fame as they age.

He even teased his change in appearance on his Twitter. While most of the members have gone on to new projects, Henderson hasn’t done much since the show ended.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree and in Interdisciplinary Arts. The horror/fantasy show was extremely successful and won multiple awards. While he’s definitely found success, Ross Hull seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

The '90s shows, in particular, are a pop-culture staple, and the network is still thriving today.

From , it seems every kid has a favorite show on the popular network at some point.

Addie has a crush on him for most of the first season, but they ultimately end up getting together. Danberg became an ordained minister to marry her friends, and since then she has performed customized weddings for other couples.

The song Addie wrote about him will immediately come back to fans when his name is mentioned. She also made an appearance in the show The short was about the video that Zoey buried in a time capsule that revealed her feelings for Chase.

The producers simply thought Herrera looked too old to fit in on the show. What has Zimbler been up to since his days playing Ferghead?


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