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By 1980, there were 1350 Midas locations worldwide. In 1998, Whitman spun Midas off as its own company and is listed on the NYSE. I also said that my brakes and rotors were done around a year ago and that I only use my vehicle in the weekend. Frankland sent his mechanic to put my truck on the lift. Mr Frankland checked and said with the Memorial Day discount it was going to be around 0.00. When calling the MIDAS the mechanic that worked on my truck answers the phone.In 2001, the company purchases 98 franchise locations in an attempt to improve profits. The mechanic remove all rims then called me over and told me that the rotors and brake pads where no good in the front and the brake pads were bad in the rear. I figured he was honest and trust worthy so I agree to pay. I explained what had displayed on my dashboard and that the slipping problem wasn’t corrected.The company was renamed to the Whitman Corporation. I left and in five minutes of driving I had three lights light up on my dashboard.In 1979, in addition to mufflers, the company begins to offer brake services. Tagged as: midas corporate address, midas corporate headquarters, midas corporate office, midas corporate office address, midas corporate office email, midas corporate office fax, midas corporate office phone, midas corporate office phone number, Midas Customer Complaint desk, Midas customer complaints, midas headquarters, midas home office, midas main office I went to Midas and Spoke with Scott Frankland about an issue about my brakes. I said that sometimes when stopping that my brakes slid so I had to press the bakes twice to make a complete stop. 1- Symbol of a wrench, 2-symbol of car slid, and 3-symbol of ABS, and the brakes still had the same problem I first went to get repair.And they also agreed with the coolant reservoir being bad .. I have nothing to say about the mechanics because they helped except for Phil & Bryan whose main concern was getting makeing money.I hope in the future y’all take time to listen to the client and fix the problem that is the issue and concern..I take it back and I’ve a series of a month it’s in and out .

I fond this to be problematic with possible bad outcome for my vehicle, this was on Wednesday 6th.when Bubba related this information; due to Bubba was out of the shop picking up supplies or out for the day.Chris seem to me unsure about Bubba whereabouts on that Tuesdays.This can not be tolerated this has to be made right. Monday On the 5th of Feb the vehicle (2005 MB CLK 500) was pick up by I and my wife from the Bandera Midas Shop , she drove the Mercedes.

Reply Resubmitted Response: Midas shop location: 6805 Bandera Road Leon Valley TX. I follow in my vehicle behind hers in my Chevy HHR.I myself have seen this inquisition when a few years ago with the same vehicle it took two radiators to get it right.



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