Mint com not updating

That may sound dangerous to some potential users, but it's not as big deal as you might think.anything to your money, with the exception of bill payment, which is optional and requires additional information from you; I explain Mint Bills in further detail later.Mint is active in keeping up with the financial accounts it supports.Not all that long ago, it didn't include Venmo, but now it does.Because it does all that for free and is completely automated, Mint is the best personal finance software, hands down. To get started, you create an account with an email address and username.Mint then asks you to look for the banks and credit cards you use so that you can give Mint access to information about them.

In other words, you get insight into your financial health right away.

Venmo is similar to Pay Pal (which Mint also supports) in that it lets you quickly transfer money to friends or service providers. During setup, Mint offers you a guided tour of all its features. Mint has an Android app, an i OS app, and even an Apple Watch app, all of which let you keep track of your money on the go, receive alerts about your accounts, and get reminders about bills.


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