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Unfortunately, it comes almost forty years after his service in Vietnam! OP: What you're experiencing is one of the reasons why soldiers have a disproportionately high failure rate with marriages.

I wonder how many of the joyous events of his life were diminished by the ghosts he carried with him all those years. Be healthy and whole first and foremost, then you can enjoy all the blessings that come your way in life....blessings that you so richly deserve! It's especially difficult for soldiers to admit their vulnerable (as you're trained that weakness = you or your friend dies). What you're experiencing is one of the reasons why soldiers have a disproportionately high failure rate with marriages. I like playing stringed instruments, climbing mountains, and traveling around the world on a motorcycle. Step foreward and find something you can really relate to with those you date. You have been in an environment where you were constantly in harms' way.

With the 2nd two - try to find women with common interest. Here's a poem about listening to folks When I ask you to listen to meand you start giving advice,you have not done what I asked. Irrational feelings make sense when we understandwhat's behind them. And if you want to talk,wait a minute for your turn;and I'll listen to you.

If you have poor listening skills, there are books you can read and classes you can take. Ten cents will get you both Dear Abby and Bill Graham in the same newspaper. And when that's clear, the answers are obviousand I don't need advice.

Don’t worry about getting a relationship, just focus on becoming more comfortable and friendlier with fairer sex and things will fall into place. These brave men & women who have heeded the call to duty & you hate them for it?? You know, nobody's keeping you from moving out of the country you have so many issues with. I think you should seek help and try to get a hold of things before dating.

If you are staring at a wall then the women assume you aren't listening to them. If you aren't then you need ask yourself why you aren't listening to them. Start out small (e.g., dance with a gal in the club, invite her back to the table of friends, and engage her in chit chat, make no serious moves, etc.). You hate our military, that would give their life protecting you if needed?? And thankful that there are people who are willing to put themselves in danger for me & for my country. OP - its sounds like you might be suffering from PTSD (very common in those returning from the war).


OP Thank you for being there for us, your service is appreciated!

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your there i have a question for the military folk or any one that has any insight on this. It will open up your future, give you choices and means to "spoil that lady" you choose later on. I know you want to be with someone, because life is fleeting and God knows you've seen a proof for this. Slow down and take care of you and making a foundation for a relationship you wish for. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for the sacrifices you made. OP, it sounds like you may have a slight touch of PTSD and I'm not sure if you are getting care for that but getting some help with it might assist you in getting your mind into the "now" of your dates.


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