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When the boys had the ball, the girls were similarly all over them.

The action had Angie and the other girls rubbing their tits on the not disappointed boys.

When they grabbed for the ball, sometimes the boys inadvertently grabbed her longish nipples, tight ass or slipped a hand between her thighs.

Angie told herself it was all done innocently, but if she was more honest she'd admit that she initiated and prolonged the inappropriate contact.

A couple of times, they not so accidently ended up with a handful of cock. She too received tight embraces and more than playful kisses on the lips.

Once Angie had her hand on Paul's swollen cock and Chloe reached in too. Angie thought "Oh no, Chloe's caught me fondling her boyfriend", but instead of getting angry, Chloe looked at her mother and just giggled. Paul declared, "To the victor go the spoils." "What does that mean? "We get to kiss all three of you," Paul said giving a devilish smile. Angie lay in the sun happy, exhausted and pensive after the game. Chloe was chatty, still riding the endorphin rush Paul had provided.

Angie triggered a "I want to protect, take care of and fuck this adorable creature" response in Paul unconsciously. Paul please call me Angie," she said giving in to the youngsters.



It was part of her plan to help him stave off his public erections.

The players were bounding left and right in their attempts to get to the ball. The boys versus the girls." Angie again tried to beg off, but the gang would not hear it.


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