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One more drawback to chlorine and other chemicals is the harsh effect they may have on equipment made of metals and wood.

Common issues are steel components that chlorinated water is constantly exposed to, shortening the life of potentially expensive equipment.

One of the major concerns for cross-contamination on food processing equipment is bio-film buildup.

• The 2016 potential production should be around 280 000 bottles.Due to the FDA and USDA giving ozone GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) approval for use directly on the surface of all food products the use of ozone has spread dramatically in the last 10 years.Ozone use for surface sanitation is just one more cost saving method that can be implemented by plants already using ozone, or for plants that would like lower cost and have a more effective method for surface sanitation.Microbes can attach themselves to a surface and continue to grow layer upon layer of new microbes.

The new layer of microbes can provide nutrients and protection against sanitizers to the existing layers of microbes.Ozone can be dissolved into water just as chlorine and other chemicals can be.



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