Problems with dating a divorced woman

Most people I know have a love/hate relationship when it comes to dating after divorce. They spend a lot of time together "for the kids." It's possible that the sticker wants to get back together with his or her ex. He talked about his ex in such a loving way that I kept saying, "You should get back together." He is still single.

Dating is fun and exciting and sexy if you're on a date with someone you really like. The Trasher: The trasher is the person who cannot stop trashing his or her ex. He's had a million girlfriends, but always ends the relationship.

Your modus operandi is apparently to threaten divorce whenever you have an argument. That's my fault because I should have walked away when I found out. Hence, making myself miserable and making us miserable. But I should note from my perspective, there are some situations where it's not easy to write off someone as a bad person despite cheating.

This brings up some big fat questions about how seriously you take the institution of marriage in the first place, if divorce is the first thing on your mind whenever you get angry at someone. I realize that now it's not healthy and best to walk away. I have not disclosed the details but it isn't black and white. I would have no problem dating a divorcee in her 30's as long as she didn't have a ton of baggage that would get in the way of our developing relationship.

To me there is no real difference between being divorced or just out of a LTR without marriage. We stayed married 9 years but we grew up and grew into different people.

I've been in a 10 year relationship and am 31. I think getting over your past relationship is really the important part. Also not all men like younger women or women that they can easily impress. We wanted different things out of life (mainly kids vs no kids) and had an amicable divorce in 2009. My ex and I have probably the most amicable divorce in history happening at the moment. I just didn't put up a stink about splitting everything 50/50 despite me making 2 1/2 times more than him and contributing more to the household for the majority of our 10 year relationship.


Let yourself heal from your divorce (which takes at least five years in my opinion) and just enjoy the relationship. Buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry and go on a fun trip with him. Here's my closing advice: Date someone who lets you be who you are, who is kind to you (and your kids), who supports your passion or your career, who is thoughtful, who makes you feel good about yourself and who makes you feel happy and loved. I made myself miserable and in turn made us miserable. Why are women without kids over 30 even allowed out? Once you're over your divorce, it'd be the same as with any other woman - if you're attractive in soul and body, if we "click", no obstacle.


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