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RRDTool Command: /usr/bin/rrdtool graph - \ --imgformat=PNG \ --start=-86400 \ --end=-300 \ --title=' Localhost - Load Average' \ --rigid \ --base=1000 \ --height=120 \ --width=500 \ --alt-autoscale-max \ --lower-limit=0 \ --units-exponent='0' \ --vertical-label='processes in the run queue' \ --slope-mode \ --font TITLE:10: \ --font AXIS:7: \ --font LEGEND:8: \ --font UNIT:7: \ DEF:a="/var/lib/cacti/rra/localhost_load_1min_5.rrd":load_1min: AVERAGE \ DEF:b="/var/lib/cacti/rra/localhost_load_1min_5.rrd":load_5min: AVERAGE \ DEF:c="/var/lib/cacti/rra/localhost_load_1min_5.rrd":load_15min: AVERAGE \ CDEF:cdefg=TIME,1417293918, GT,a,a, UN,0,a, IF, IF, TIME,1417293918, GT,b,b, UN,0,b, IF, IF, TIME,1417293918, GT,c,c, UN,0,c, IF, IF, , \ AREA:a#EACC00FF:"1 Minute Average" \ GPRINT:a: LAST:" Current\:%8.2lf\n" \ AREA:b#EA8F00FF:"5 Minute Average": STACK \ GPRINT:b: LAST:" Current\:%8.2lf\n" \ AREA:c#FF0000FF:"15 Minute Average": STACK \ GPRINT:c: LAST:"Current\:%8.2lf\n" \ LINE1:cdefg#000000FF:"" RRDTool Says: OK If under “RRDTool Says:” you see something about not existing file, then you should check permissions to your rra folder. So this folder should have write permissions for www-data user (or your web server user).

I also saw cli/poller_output_but it doesn't appear to take any arguments (like a specific data source ID) but it might be a good start to take a more direct approach to the problem. These values determine how many times the RRD file will miss data before inserting a Na N. The monitored OID has value 47 and i have set min=0 and max=100. If the RRD is updating with new data but you're still getting Na N in your graphs then I suggest looking into the heartbeat and step values of the data source (via the data template) in relation to your polling interval and poller cronjob interval.I have developed my own SNMP service, and i want to plot a graph of an OID provided. For 5 minutes polling, the step will be 300 and the heartbeat will be 600.

So for 1 minute polling (on the poller and the cronjob) you will have to use a step of 60 (seconds) and a heartbeat of 120.

) I've considered writing a dummy script which just asks for the graphs for each data source every 30 seconds, but I suspect that the overhead of that would be greater than simply leveraging something within the application itself to force an update of the RRD files.



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