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Ruben Borukhov: The only thing I remember, I just took one bite of fish and I was out of it in five minutes. When Tsvyk woke up, Viktoria was standing at her bedside with a second course: a bowl of hot soup. Herman Weisberg: Nadia Ford is a very intelligent person. She did things that a lot of people wouldn't have thought were possible. In a cemetery not far from where her mother was abducted, Nadia was finally able to give Alla a proper funeral.

The two arranged to meet at Viktoria's apartment for dinner, where she served up a dish to die for. Olga Tsvyk: She want to make like, suicide, you know? That her investigation was so outstanding, that if she ever wants to be a detective he would hire her.

Now she pays him to fix other peoples problems, including Nadia Ford's.

Herman Weisberg: The "Mitzvah Lady" looked into her eyes and -- and saw that she was going through the worst possible situation and just couldn't help herself. …The person who raised two kids back in, you know, Russia in '90s on her own, have four or five jobs and, and you know, trying to give her kids the best.

Ford now had one of New York's finest private investigators on the case trying to solve the disappearance of her mother, Alla Aleksenko.

Nadia Ford: I got afraid, because for eight years she never happened that she didn't answer the phone. Frantic, Nadia called Viktoria with a simple question.

Peter Van Sant: There's a race against time here, right? Nadia's hometown of Krasnodar is a popular tourist town about 750 miles south of Moscow, near the Black Sea. And about 100 miles from Alla's apartment, Nadia hits pay dirt. The day that you lost all communication with your own mother. Peter Van Sant: Every single question she's asked she fails. Nadia had two objectives: find her mom and hunt down Viktoria. With Viktoria Nasyrova on the run, Nadia Ford desperately continued her search for her mother … Ruben Borukhov: And she is walking here and there and making some stories to my workers. He drank two bottle of wine." …I don't remember nothing. Today, the woman at the center of this case awaits her fate in jail.


Peter Van Sant: Is it like the head of the FBI in America? Peter Van Sant:this exotic, sultry, sexy absolutely confirm it's her is not necessarily her face [laughs] , but her feet. Herman Weisberg: She eventually fell into the world of being an escort. She would knock out with knockout drugs, Rufenal, whatever she was using. Peter Van Sant: Because the two of you look similar? Peter Van Sant: For you, meeting Viktoria Nasyrova almost cost you your life? On March 20, 2017, he alerted the NYPD that Viktoria was in her apartment. Peter Van Sant: A fantastic story, you say—Viktoria Nasyrova: Yes. Nadia Ford: She's a psychopath and there is nothing else you can expect from psychopath. Peter Van Sant: …That is Alla sitting right next to you. So when we were in Russia, we went to speak with them -- her parents: Peter Van Sant: Where does the case go from here? As for Olga Tsvyk, authorities are considering charging Viktoria with attempted murder. and Russia, the question remains: will Viktoria stand trial for murder? Frustrated, she traveled from Krasnodar to Moscow to meet the head of the Russian national police. Peter Van Sant: And so this girl from Krasnodar comes and says what? Charred human remains were found in a remote area -- a three-hour drive from her mother's apartment. When I was able to zoom in on one and look at the Facebook photo, it was a perfect match. Weisberg soon discovered that Viktoria was a one woman walking crime wave, scamming people in every possible way. Herman Weisberg: I think that dog was getting a little too much attention and Nasyrova didn't like that. From Facebook to the Chrysler 300 to the apartment building in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, Weisberg knew the hunt was over. Viktoria Nasyrova [in English]: This is fantastic story. But if it's a bad dream for Viktoria, it's a nightmare for Nadia. She told "48 Hours" there were two people who would confirm her story. Viktoria is currently charged with eight felonies in New York City, including grand larceny in Ruben Borukhov's case. But help soon turned to heartbreak when, in April 2015, Nadia got a disturbing phone call. Herman Weisberg: The surveillance video that one of my people did, got a nice shot of those shoes. Her now ex-boyfriend told "48 Hours" that not only did she allegedly steal from him, but that she killed his beloved beagle Joey. Karen Hill |Neighbor: She killed his dog, that bitch. Herman Weisberg: Every time you learn something else about this woman, you realize that if she was left unarrested, this could of really ended poorly for Brooklyn [laughs]. Herman Weisberg: I said, "Good morning, Viktoria" [laughs]. Peter Van Sant: How does a girl from a small town in Russia end up in Rikers jail in New York City? Viktoria Nasyrova [Translated from Russian]: It sounds like a bad dream, and that I'm going to wake up, and all of this will be gone. Cops briefly questioned Viktoria in her apartment – located right next door to Alla's -- then left the scene.

Nadia Ford: Unfortunately that happened on Monday when I came to work and I -- print out my mom's phone log -- phone call log, and I saw the last person who called her. Nadia Ford: And then the police are going after her. That I'm so angry and I'm so, like, I'm ready to freakin' kill her. Nadia Ford [motioning towards the refrigerator]: There is no fingerprints on the metal handles.

It had been only three days since Nadia last heard from her mom. Peter Van Sant: What are the police and the district attorney and what are these people saying to you? Nadia Ford: "Crazy American daughter who's looking for her mother." Peter Van Sant: You may have been a little crazy, but you had a purpose. Undaunted, Nadia carried on her search -- posting flyers and driving thousands of miles across Russia searching for clues. What if traffic cameras photographed Viktoria the night Nadia's mother went missing? That's the speeding camera that showed that my mom was with Viktoria. Peter Van Sant: And what's the date that this picture was taken? Nadia Ford: Back in 2014, this camera gave me hope. They had confirmed Viktoria rented the car with plates matching what was seen on the traffic camera. After cleaning out the cash register, Viktoria fled the scene. Nadia Ford: My mom gave me the most important thing in life …


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