Short guys dating taller women

You are certainly actually make a better husband and live longer.


Why don't you tell us more about this double standard.Women, heightist or not exaggerate their height by about 2 inches.Taller women lie and say that they are shorter, while shorter women lie in the opposite direction, all to increase their dating pool.Common reasons include that they feel more "protected" when with a taller guy, or that they want "tall kids".

There's also the damsel-in-distress line that we've all heard, "I can’t help who am attracted to".Lets face it, we have all met heightist women online from the blatant and curt, "Do NOT contact me if you are under 5’ 10” (note the capitalization), to the politer sounding, “strong preference for tall men.” Another category of heightist women you will meet are the kind who will 'apologize’ for your height to her friends and family even though no one mentioned it.


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