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In that season, she won the Wade Trophy and Naismith Award as College Player of the Year.During her junior year, Bird played in a game against Notre Dame referred to as "the best women's basketball game ever played".In her sophomore season (1999–2000) she came back to lead the team to a 36–1 record and won the Big East Championship and the 2000 NCAA Women's Division I Basketball Tournament. The last loss was to Big East rival Notre Dame in the Final Four.



However, Stepherson changed her mind, and decided to go to Boston College, making the decision a bit easier, so Bird committed to UConn.

Bird was the inaugural winner of the Nancy Lieberman Award in 2000, given to the top point guard in the nation, and won the award in 20.

Overall, her record at UConn in games she played is a remarkable 114–4.

In the second season her team finished undefeated and won the New York state championship, and the national title.


Bird won many awards, including the New York State Player of the Year, and the New York Daily News Player of the Year. She participated in the WBCA High School All-America Game, where she scored 11 points.Bird was recruited by a number of teams, including Stanford and Vanderbilt.



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