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In 2010, the company expanded their service to Canada.

In 2011, the company debuted the “Netflix” button on numerous remote controls, allowing for one-touch connection with the service, eliminating the need to re-enter passwords or user names. The company claims more than 117 million subscribers around the world, and annual revenue in 2016 of .69 billion.

Reply Net Flix Germany is working with known Antisemite on Series Dogz of Berlin :

Like so many “news” outlets, Netflix is now choosing to use this platform to spew your political opinion. Rice on the Board and some sort of missive show with the Obama’s it seems a clear direction choice for this service. Reply How disappointing that you have decided to join up with Barack Obama and have invited Susan Rice to be on your board. When will you realize that people just want to enjoy their tv shows without being constantly forced to put up with all your stupid political opinions? Reply I have been a long standing customer and you allowed me the freedom to ditch cable, thank you for that. Disjointed is a very funny show that is relevant to what is currently happening in the USA.

I am very unhappy about the recent changes that have been made to “MY LIST”. Traditional networks would never carry a show based on this subject.

Since 2000, the company dropped all shipping charges, late fees, and dates need to return movies.

The company went public on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol: NFLX in 2002.

As of 2017, Netflix shares are mainly held by institutional investors, including Capital Group Companies, Black Rock, and The Vanguard Group, among others.


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