Updating digital certificates

This is accomplished by adding your registration number to the Customer Number Request form. To associate existing patent applications to a Customer Number, please download and complete the Customer Number Upload [MS Excel] This information can be sent on a CD or USB memory stick to: Mail Stop EBC Customer Number Commissioner for Patents P. Box 1450 Alexandria, VA 22313-1450 One can additionally file a change of correspondence address form PTO/AIA/122 or PTO/SB122 to an individual application to change the correspondence address to a customer number.Practitioners are reminded that they must also notify the OED of any changes to their contact information within 30 days of the date of the change. * To associate a PCT application in the International phase with a Customer Number for purposes of viewing the PCT application in Private PAIR, please download and complete the Request to Update a PCT Application with a Customer Number form [MS Word] and fax it to the Electronic Business Center at 571-273-0177.A customer number and digital certificate is required for Private PAIR which allows customers to review the status of their unpublished submissions and to track their patent applications online.


Ensure you have completed Step 11 in the Assigning your Certificate to your email account section above.

A Customer Number allows you to easily correlate all your filings and correspondence with a single mailing address, eliminating typographical errors or variations in addresses that can make it difficult to correspond with the USPTO.



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