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With 45 controls, we've included everything necessary to create solutions that look great and run efficiently, faster than ever before. Features include: Powerful query engine; Database structure import; Customizable user interface (via templates or programmatically); Custom data editors; Query generation control; Lookup lists; Multi-table views; Calculated fields; Join relationships and join groups; and more! s Component^ Coast Office: 1 .800.858.2739 or 1 .41 2.681 .4343 • West Coast Office: 1 .888.228.4839 or 1 .51 0.496.3240 Component One'" LLC • 4516 Henry Street • Pittsburgh, PA 15213 • USA © 2001 Component One LLC All rights reserved All product names are owned by their respective holders. NET makes direct memory manipulation a breeze, by Robert Teixeira Visual K Enhance Performance With ADO Connection Objects Encapsulating an ADO connection inside a COM object lets your application perform better and scale more easily.

There's nothing like the productivity, flexibility and support of Ultra Suite. Trust the performance, support, and value you can only get from Component One tools. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR FABULOUS LIMITED TIME OFFERS: Full Version 9. Here's how to use ADO Connection objects in COM and MTS.

LEADTOOLS gives developers the most flexible and powerful imaging technology available: forms; recognition; PDF; EPS postscript support; import/export; compression; image processing; color conversion; display/special effects; Internet/intranet; annotations; medical imaging; OCR; barcode recognition; and much more!

TX Text Control 9.0 by The Imaging Source TX Text Control Does it All. Paradise # T79 0134-GI TEXT CONTROL Nu Mega Driver Studio by Compuware Nu Mega Accelerate Device Driver Development Nu Mega Driver Studio brings automation to the difficult work of developing device drivers.

Calendar Tools is an affordable, functional component solution to meet your design needs. — "The CBS Mailbag Song" It's been a busy month for e-mail and newsgroup postings — some positive, some negative, a lot wait-and-see.

io T ; Solutions: Schedule Schedule up to 32,000 entities at a time and present the schedule in increments of hours, days or weeks. Download a free trial version: call toll free: 1-800-670-8045. Of course, that wasn't unexpected in light of the magazine's recent name change.


.95 (CANADA .95) r ""25274V9382 1 0Color Combo cvc IMUTTCMTIHil Java • Active X • ."Set It and Forget It'" functionality gives you totally transparent online operation and a lightning fast, Microsoft recommended boot-time defrag for MFT and Paging Files.Diskeeper provides the fastest and most thorough defragmentation possible! by Far Point Technologies Use Far Point's Spread 3.5 to easily incorporate high-level spreadsheet and advanced grid features into your applications.Schedule multiple lines for each entity with a wide variety of time-bar styles. The ideal solution for employee and resource scheduling. The reaction to the name change has largely mirrored the re- action of developers to Visual Studio . Those who think Microsoft is moving in the right direction with .

NET and are ex- cited about the capabilities of that tool have generally welcomed the changes to the magazine.

For detailed information, visit Free Trial Version! or call 800-231-8588 Infra gist ics Component powered infrastructure Copyright 200 1 Infragistics, Inc. Infragistics, the Infragistics logo, Ultra Suite, Data Explorer, Aarve Treevtew, Ultra Crid & Ultra Tool Bars are trademarks of Infragisrjcs, Inc. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Web server farms have always been known for providing high application availability in a cost-efficient manner. by Bill Wagner 64 Web Services Develop Interface-Based . The surface rate to Canada and Mexico is .97 per year and for all other countries, the air mail rate is .97 per year.



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    Originally established in 2003 by founder Markus Frind, he managed to gain ten million users while running the site from his bedroom.

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