Us marine corps dating site

which may be contacted at [email protected], ticker BMTM.Senior US lawmakers have condemned the suspected distribution of nude photographs of female Marines to military personnel and veterans via a social media network that promotes sexual violence, and called on the Marine Corps to fully investigate.As an emblem of the Marine Corps, It is the basis for its flag, its seal, its branch-of-service insignia, and many of its logos.Distinct from the Marine Corps Emblem is the Marine Corps branch of service insignia.


Online dating sites are generally pretty diligent at blocking and removing the profiles of suspected scammers, but they are not 100% effective.

According to online dating site Zoosk, approximately a quarter of profiles that get blocked on suspicion of fraud are attempts at impersonating members of the US Armed Forces.

To protect military service members from instances of stolen valor, and to protect members of the site from scammers, Zoosk was the first dating site to launch a military verification feature, which they call Insignia, to verify whether or not a user is a member of the US Armed Forces.

"Degrading behaviour of this kind is entirely unacceptable," Thornberry said in a statement.


"I expect the Marine Corps to investigate this matter fully with appropriate consequences for those who willingly participated." Smith also called for proper care to be provided to the victims, and said that, "This behaviour by Marines and former Marines is degrading, dangerous, and completely unacceptable." Officials from the Marine Corps Naval Criminal Investigative Service were not immediately available for comment.Get answers to your medical questions from the comfort of your own home ...


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