Vegitarian dating

This is when my mindset about food started to shift. I decided to ditch the scale and to go by how my clothes fit instead. As the years go by, I find myself getting stronger and more confident in who I am.In 2009, I started up my own business and started being good to my body again. I appreciate my body (most of the time, I’m not perfect though) and what it does for me each day.2007 was a tough year due to the pressures of grad school.I dropped more weight and was really struggling on the inside.One thing I do know for sure is that I’m at a much better place than I used to be.From the age of 11 or 12, I struggled with an eating disorder until my mid-twenties.I hesitate to call this page my “Before and after” because I really don’t think there is an after.My journey to health is just that – a journey – and each year has its ups and downs and different challenges along the way.

The summer of 2008 was when I first dabbled with running.

I had so much pressure lifted off my shoulders and we had such a great wedding and honeymoon. I finally got the courage to leave my job after being miserable for a year. He has cut down his meat and dairy consumption by about 75% and he has recently eliminated pop out of his diet for good in March 2010.

We also moved out of the city to a town that was a better fit for our love of nature and peaceful surroundings. I learned to have FUN with food and I fell in love with cooking! I also switched to a vegan diet after many years of experimenting on and off with a vegetarian diet. After battling back from a pelvic injury from Jan- march, I ran my first race ever in June- a 10k- and got hooked on running! You can read about his changes and see his progress pictures here.

I would restrict my intake too low, over-exercise, and engage in binge eating.

As a result, my weight – and mood – went up and down over the years.I always say the reason I moved to Ontario was to meet my soul-mate.


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