Who is dating ryan seacrest

He was a weekend anchor on the entertainment-news show Extra, and hosted series like Gladiators, Sci-Fi Channel's The New Edge, and The Click, a teen quiz show.

He also worked as an overnight radio DJ and eventually took over the drive-time slot on KYSR, an alternative music station, with the highly-rated "Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home." By 1999 Seacrest's show had become the top-rated Los Angeles-area radio program in its time slot.

Instead, the station owner told Seacrest that, though he was not a professional, his stint of the night before hadn't been too bad. Ryan Seacrest has hosted American Idol since its debut in 2002, but the show is a remake of a British hit that premiered in the fall of 2001.

The boss offered to start training him, and soon Seacrest was given the weekend overnight shift at WSTR. The ITV Network's Pop Idol also featured Simon Cowell as a judge, but it was hosted by a pair of English comedians named Ant and Dec.

He continued to take the occasional television job, and in 2002 came under consideration for a seat on the judging panel of a new reality-TV series, American Idol.

The Fox Network show was based on a hit British series of the previous year called Pop Idol.

Maybe we'll show them one day." He also made his television debut as host of an ESPN show for kids called Radical Outdoor Challenge."I thought it was a hobby," his homemaker mother, Connie, told Allison Glock in a New York Times Magazine profile."But people would call my answering machine just to listen to his voice. That's when I thought, This might be bigger than I think it is." At age fourteen Seacrest became the "Voice of Dunwoody High School," as his school's regular morning public-address system announcer.When he was nineteen, he quit the Atlanta radio station and moved to Los Angeles, enrolling at Santa Monica College.


He had a hard time finding work in the highly competitive radio market in southern California, but he did land some television jobs.

There were no plans to air the prank they played on Cowell, in which they sang a Paula Abdul song with American accents.



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