Who is scout taylor compton dating

But even when you want the same things, it still doesn't always work out, his most recent girlfriend had actually been using him to further her music career.The two then continue to work on the song Madi was writing and pen "Heart" and later on "Superhero." 10.19 Caught Like A Fly Andy is surprised when Mason asks him for relationship advice but Mason explains that Madi and Evan were no help and Zack has zero experience, not to mention Andy has experience with dating in the life of a touring musician.After another year Sandra left the band and Christian "CC" Coma took over.Andy is currently one of the main songwriters for the band and considers it his life and bandmates as brothers.When Andy asks about Spike, Madi informs him that he gave her some closure, plus it's rare that the first love is the one that lasts, especially when you want two different things.Andy then tells Madi about his first girlfriend, Scout.11.02 Light Me Up Andy goes to the meeting with the band and listens as they debate what their debut single should be.He tells them that this single will be introducing their band to the music world and will be the first thing people think of when they hear the Young and Reckless.


He still cares about her but knows it would never have worked out since they both wanted different things in life.Andy is known to have many tattoos all over his body, such as an upside down cross, the Misfits logo, a dragon fly and Batman.



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