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Tim Tebow has finally scored -- problem is, it's off the field -- because TMZ got the first pic showing Tim with his hot new girlfriend/actress, who is no stranger to famous virgins.Tim and Camilla Belle showed up at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida Tuesday night, where they bowled and partied.Ariel is, of course, a lot more than her looks, and Disney tried to convey all of her personality in the film through ways other than the character’s voice so that Eric could reasonably fall in love with her.Still, it begs the question that Eric’s logic in falling for her makes very little sense in the real world.

Disney is expected to release its live-action adaptation of Yes #disneymemes #disney #funnymemes #disneyig #disneyvillain #disneyjokes #beatyandthebeast #Cinderella #malificent #ladytremaine #frollo #scar #thelionking #belle #beast #prince#classicdisney #mickeymouse #minnie #Cinderella #frozen #disneyworld #disneymeme #goofymovie #donaldduck #snowwhite A post shared by disney fan (@disney_meme_fan) on Disney movies are known for their unrealistic expectations of finding love, having talking animals as friends, and overcoming powerful villains in the blink of an eye.The film was Pixar’s first-ever attempt in developing a character that would join the ranks of Disney Princesses, and was also supposed to be the studio’s first full-length feature to be directed by a woman.Brenda Chapman, who was initially tapped as fans have to own up to the fact that Eric and Ariel’s love story has one massive (and somewhat problematic) plot hole: he fell in love with a girl who didn’t say a word and was found naked on the beach.Still, this meme is a funny comparison between the real world and the fictional one in Besides kitchen utensils as hairbrushes and weapons, it seems like Disney also believes that sleeves are incredibly effective makeup removers.


It can sometimes be challenging to take off even the smallest amount of makeup from one’s face, so it’s safe to assume that it would be a major task to take off the amount of makeup that was put on Mulan’s face in the beginning of her movie.” This theory is especially supported as the film ends with Rafiki holding Simba and Nala’s daughter, Kiara, meaning that the couple got pregnant sometime before the grand finale showdown between Simba and Scar, when Simba regained power of his kingdom.



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